Unity - Generating Builds

Adding the below code to Assets/Editor will add an entry to the menu bar that allows me to generate two builds automatically. Since they're also placed in a folder with the day's date, I also get build histories for the work done. For GameJams this is ideal as I'll usually only get a small amount of time on an evening to work on these so I'm not doing much more (and I could always use a more precise timestamp if needed). This is basic but so easy to automate and a nice little time saver that I thought I'd share.

using UnityEditor;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System;

public class JamBuilds 
    [MenuItem("Build/Jam Builds")]
    public static void BuildGame () {
        // Get filename.
        string path = EditorUtility.SaveFolderPanel("Choose Location of Built Game", "", "");
        string[] levels = new string[] {"Assets/Scenes/Test.unity", "Assets/Scenes/Finale.unity"};
        string projectName = PlayerSettings.productName;

        string date = DateTime.Now.ToString("/yyyy-MM-dd");

        // Build player.
        BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer(levels, path + date + "/" + projectName + ".exe", BuildTarget.StandaloneWindows, BuildOptions.None);

        // Build player.
        BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer(levels, path + date + "/WebPlayer", BuildTarget.WebPlayer, BuildOptions.None);


Tools - Unity

It took a while but I think I'm finally feeling comfortable working in Unity.The other night I built a minimum viable prototype of one of my iOS games over the course over just a couple of hours. I feel like I'm still learning the flow of the engine, particularly with regards to threading, but there's a lot of power and potential to be tapped and getting started with it is easy. That said, I do miss the more advanced debugging tools I get with something like IntelliJ, or Xcode. And MonoDevelop is pretty awful ;)