Nonoku (iOS App Store)

Nonoku is a unique and relaxing picture puzzle game. Use the clues to paint in the missing colors which reveal more clues and eventually help you complete the whole picture! Includes 51 puzzles, starting with easy 2-colour pictures, through to more complex 3-colour puzzles and ending with some very difficult 4-colour brainteasers.

Written as part of Pint Sized Planet. You can also find a partial implementation done in Unity on gamejolt:

Acquisition (iOS App Store)

Acquisition is an original turn based, iOS board game from Pint Sized Planet. Forge your way across the battlefield to capture your opponent's flags, but plan your route carefully to impede your opponent and leave a lasting trail for your triumphant return. Aggressive strategy and tactical planning are essential to offset the element of chance that haunts every turn in Acquisition. Advancing across the board requires a successful spin on the wheel of war but can you skew the odds by weighting the wheel in your favour? Practice against the brutal AI, or play head to head against a friend.

Written as part of Pint Sized Planet. You can also find a version inspired by this on

Quest for the Crown

Guide the Ants to the victory over the Queen Bee. Build a tower high enough for the Ants to reach the hive and overthrow the tyrant monarch.

Start by clicking anywhere on the title screen.

In game, left click on an empty space to request a block to be placed, press and hold right mouse button to scroll. Click on fallen apples to mark them for collection to boost your colony's population and growth rate.

Reset the game by pressing Escape.

Written for TagJam19

Pong Evolver

An entry for MiniLD58. A Pong clone that upgrades the experience as the score increases. The first player to 16 points wins.

Supports a basic AI for single player games, or gamepad support for player two. Player one always uses the mouse. Press 'Fire' to launch the ball after a point is scored.

Werewolves of War

Entry for Public Domain Jam 2 based on Werewolves of War, by D. W. Hall.

Use Space (or 'Y' on gamepad) to flip your plane around and dodge bullets. Time dilation effects when dodging multiple projectiles. Collect power ups and save America as they launch one last ditch assault to save themselves from an invasion.

Quick Draw

Draw down the Capsule Cowboy. Hold your fire, and your nerve, until the clock strikes or be gunned down in the spirit of fair play. A quick game just to experiment with some Unity features. Includes some simple animation so shooting your opponent in different locations results in a couple of different results. You don't have to kill to win.