An Evening of Code

Wherein the author spends an evening writing a small project or feature.  

My New Year's resolution to myself was to write more code and write more. As a full time developer that was hard. Motivation was thin on the ground after a day down the code mines. With last year's hellish release out of the way at the start of January things have changed.

To start, my role at work has changed and I'm not writing so much code. Now I get home, not having scratched that itch I've had for the last ten years, and I find it much easier to spend a couple of hours working on something else. I've also got a standing desk at work and sitting for an evening at home doesn't leave me feeling guilty.

So far I've focused on creating small pieces. There's few things I like more than a new project. Creating something from nothing is incredibly satisfying and not something that can be experienced in many jobs.

Anyway. I was in a rut, creatively speaking. For the New Year I decided to make a(nother) go of it. Write more code and write more in general. I don't know if I'll stick with it. Historically my interest tends to tail off over time. Having a few different projects helps. But, also, giving myself permission to work on something else if the current task doesn't interest me today. Having a space to just take one mechanic and work it through is very liberating. Sometimes just knowing that I don't have to do something is motivation to do it.