Tools - Omnifocus

Of all the productivity tools I've tried, Omnifocus is the one that's come closest to sticking. It helps that I do most of my work on Macs so I don't usually find myself without access to it. That said, I do often go a few days without checking it or adding new items and I am doing a lot of personal game development work on Windows. It feels like there's a habit I have to develop. All too often, the thought is immediately followed by the action. That's satisfying but not always the best use of time. For a start, there's a number of things I've thought of which, given a little distance, were nowhere near as good as I thought they were at the time.

Still, I just can't develop a habit of maintaining the list and I've not get items in there that are no longer applicable from December. I'll give it another shot but I fear I've spent so much time working by holding what I need in my head (plus pen and paper) that I've trained myself to that mindset. Then again, I used to write code in a text editor because IDEs seemed so much more cumbersome and I wouldn't go back to that for serious work. Though, in all honesty, I was mostly working with J2ME and DoJa at the time so learning all the APIs by heart was actual feasible. I do know that when I have my tasks to hand I can be a lot more efficient so I do want to make it work.

I think I'm going to give it one more shot - read some guides, and schedule a block of time to try and figure out a way to make it work for me... If that fails, maybe I'll just resort to a pocket notebook and pen ;)